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100% guaranteed bathtub drains

Qualità e design per ambienti unici e di pregio

50 years of experience in the industry and the use of the best materials make our products of high quality and are used by leading manufacturers and installers of bathtubs and shower enclosures

Pop-up bathtub drains

Bathtub drains and accessories

We produce a wide range of bathtub drains for all types of bathtubs with multiple construction solutions and in various styles to enrich your bathtub and fully adapt to the design of your bathroom environment.

shower drain channel

Shower drains DESIGN-PRO

The DESIGN-PRO series offers a wide selection of shower drains to give a modern touch to the shower enclosure while meeting the standards dictated by UNI-EN274 regulations.

Available in four different lengths to fit perfectly with your shower environment. They come complete with durable stainless steel designer grates including a tileable grating solution.

buil-in ceiling shower

Shower systems

The full range of shower components characterizes our line dedicated to your well-being.
From complete shower kits, to showerheads, handshowers and lounges, including all the accessories dedicated to your relaxing corner. We offer multiple customized solutions, also made to measure to realize the shower of your dreams.

drains for washbasin and bidet

Drains for basin wash and bidet

A complete line of sink and bidet drains characterizes our production.
Available in all finishes and different materials to suit any need


Bathtub feet

Design characterizes our new bathtub feet. Manufactured from the finest materials and with the elegance dictated by the different finishes offered, this item becomes indispensable for giving sophistication and elegance to your bathtub.

zen shower rod

The shower with its own personality and uniqueness

We make your shower just the way you want it!

Custom created, with your favorite color and all the custom accessories to make your environment unique.

wall mounted cascade for shower

Wall-mounted waterfalls

Not water features only, but important decorative and valuable elements to make your bathroom, pool or relaxation area unique.

siphons for washbasin and bidet

Washbasin and bidet siphons

The basic element for washbasin and bidet, made from the best materials in all finishes and different designs to better suit every tilopogy of environment.

sink tap serie moby

Sink tap serie MOBY

Not a simple tap

Equipped with a swivel and adjustable spout capable of assuming any position and making the kitchen environment unique. Available with barrel in different colors.


Handshower with button

For personal hygiene or sanitary cleaning

Equipped with a mixing faucet or with the regulating faucet makes the room equipped with all the amenities for personal or sanitary cleaning.

braccio doccia orientabile

Shower arms

A "shower arm" is an essential part of a shower. This is a component that connects the shower head (the upper part of the shower from which water escapes) to the main body of the faucet or water...
colonne scarico vasca da bagno

Maintenance of bathtub drain

Maintaining your bathtub drain system is an important task to make sure the system is working properly and to prevent future problems. Here are some tips for maintaining your bathtub drain system:...
aste doccia telescopiche colorate

Colored telescopic shower rods

Telescoping shower rods are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit different bathroom design styles and personal preferences. Here are some of the common colors and finishes available...
Shower drain channel Canaline doccia

Shower drain channel

The shower chennael, also known as a linear drain grate or drainage channel, is a key component of a modern shower system. This element performs a number of crucial functions, including: Water...
manutenzione e pulizia del soffione doccia

Shower head maintenance and cleaning

To clean a shower head, follow these steps: Turn off the water: Make sure the shower faucet is turned off to prevent water from running off while you are cleaning. Remove shower head: If your shower...
doccetta per bidet e wc

Idroscopino and bidet handshower

The "bidet hand shower" is a device or component that is often integrated into toilets and bathrooms for personal hygiene. This hand shower, also called "bidet hand shower" or "bidet hand shower,"...
soffione doccia di design

Design shower heads

Design shower heads are modern and sophisticated devices used in showers to provide a comfortable and pleasant flow of water while bathing. These shower heads are designed with a focus on...
piletta sifonata per doccia

Maintenance of shower drain

The maintenance of the shower drain is an important operation to guarantee the correct functioning of the drainage system and to prevent problems such as blockages or bad odours. Here are some steps...
rubinetto sottolavabo per flessibile

Under basin faucets

"Under-sink faucets" are devices used to control the flow of hot and cold water in a sink or sink. They are called "under-sink" because they are usually installed under the sink or sink and are used...

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