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Made in Italy for the customization of the bathroom environment

From innovative whirlpool solutions to proposals for the shower environment that combine practicality and design, Vicario Srl’s wide range of products continues to be enriched with new collections, all of which can be customized down to the smallest detail to meet different functional and furnishing needs.
The VICARIO® brand was founded in 1973 in Borgomanero (Novara, Italy), where the production plant is still located. In-house, thanks to the intuition and entrepreneurial skills of founder Piercarlo Vicario, innovative projects have come to life over the years that have improved the efficiency and reliability of bathroom solutions; these include, for example, the patent for the first bathtub drain with a brass drain valve.
The constant technological research that characterizes Vicario Srl, places it, today, in a prominent position on the European and world scene (with a strong presence in the Russian and Middle Eastern markets), for the production of high quality tub drains, among which a mention deserves, for example, for its exceptional efficiency, the model with water suction from the drain plug.
In addition, the company’s production, is distinguished by shower tray drains, faucet support stands, shower drains, under-sink faucets, and the ever-growing series of shower rods, shower heads, and shower accessories in the name of practicality, comfort, and style.
Vicario Srl’s added value is the possibility of complete customization of its solutions with designs, sizes and different finishes designed ad hoc for the Client-thanks to the choice to design and manufacture all products and their components in-house.


Renovation shower columns from Vicario Srl. Easy installation and 360-degree customization

Transforming your old shower room into your ideal wellness space-without having to split or change the wall-is even easier with solutions from Vicario Srl. In fact, the company has created an innovative line of shower columns that facilitate renovation work, thanks to the speed and simplicity with which they can be installed in the bathroom, without the need for masonry work: in fact, it is sufficient to unscrew the old hand shower, screw in the chosen model and secure it to the wall thanks to the practical plug, thus easily attaching the bracket behind the diverter.
In addition, Vicario Srl guarantees the possibility of composing one’s ideal shower column, according to one’s aesthetic needs, as well as functionality and comfort, choosing from numerous models of shower heads, handshowers and hoses of classic intonation or modern appeal, with customizable sizes according to different needs. Always in the name of customization, all solutions can be declined in different finishes, from the most traditional to trendy shades, including, for example, matte white and matte black. In this way, quickly installing the shower column of one’s dreams, in the bathroom environment, transforming it into a space where comfort and design blend harmoniously, is simple. In addition, the shower column always has a sliding and swiveling support for the hand shower.
As proof of the attention to quality that characterizes Vicario Srl’s Made in Italy shower columns, the mechanisms are made entirely of brass, guaranteeing strength and durability.


Wellness Series - Wall-mounted overhead shower by Vicario Srl. The perfect harmony of comfort, water saving and design

In the shower environment, functionality marries aesthetics with the Wellness Series wall-mounted showerhead collection.
The Borgomanero-based company’s proposals transform the bathroom into the space dedicated to well-being. Merit, for example, to the possibility of choosing between the overhead shower with a rainfall jet, or the overhead shower with dual jets-rain and waterfall-to thus promote complete relaxation.
In addition, Vicario Srl’s Wellness solutions stand out for ensuring not only perfect comfort but also energy savings by always guaranteeing the optimal water flow rate. In fact, with the “rainfall jet” function, the showerhead delivers–relative to the lower or higher pressure–from 4.3 liters per minute to 8.2 liters per minute; and with the “cascade jet” function, it delivers from 5 liters per minute to 9 liters per minute.
The showerheads are also functional for cleaning, thanks to the anti-scale silicone nozzles that facilitate the removal of lime deposits.
In terms of design, the showerhead is characterized by sober and linear shapes of contemporary intonation, with a choice between the 24 mm thick model and the 5 mm ultra-flat version. In addition, the entire collection is made of stainless steel, available with a polished or satin surface for an impeccable aesthetic effect.


"Design-Pro" drain channels and grates from Vicario Srl. Practicality and aesthetics for the shower environment

“Design-Pro” drains and grates by Vicario Srl, practicality and aesthetics for the shower environment
Functionality and design coexist harmoniously in the bathroom thanks to Vicario Srl’s “Design-Pro” drain channels and grates.
The flume body, manufactured from high-quality plastic material, and the special “Design-Pro” grille, made of stainless steel with a matte surface, ensure a long service life.
In addition, the siphon, which is characterized by a high drainage capacity, can be pulled out for easy cleaning, while, to quickly and effectively clean the grid, Vicario srl supplies a handy key.
Installation of the gutter is extremely easy thanks to the four/eight adjustable support feet and the adhesive sealant tape, included in the package, to thus quickly connect the gutter to the surrounding concrete layer.
Vicario Srl designs and manufactures all its solutions for the bathroom environment inside the Borgomanero factory, with great attention also to the aesthetic component of the products. As a proof of this care, the “Design-Pro” grill has a sober and elegant line, which favors its inclusion in any kind of context and can be declined in different finishes-for example, antique brass, gold or antique copper-for an impeccable effect.


Vicario Srl bathtub Drains. Tradition and innovation Made in Italy

Vicario Srl’s wide range of bathtub drains continues to be enriched with more proposals that meet different functional and design requirements.
The design and manufacture of bath drains are among the company’s traditional activities, to which we owe, for example, the patent for the first bath drain with a brass drain valve. Yesterday as today, the range of high-performance and aesthetically impeccable catalog solutions that are trend-setting in the market are the result of careful technological research in the field and attention to the smallest details to always guarantee high quality Made in Itay.
For example, to ensure maximum resistance to wear and tear, all mechanisms are made entirely of brass, and the frames are constructed of plastic for fitting inside the tank or brass for installation in the wall. In addition, each tank drain is manually tested to make sure it always works perfectly and is finally tested with high-pressure water to zero out any water leaks.
Another strong point is the sought-after aesthetic component: Vicario Srl offers available a wide range of interchangeable knobs and caps of different shapes and styles, such as “retro,” “Old style,” “Contemporary,” “Essential,” or “Luxury,” also with “Click – Clack” mechanism to open and close the cap quickly and easily.


The bathroom environment is transformed into a natural oasis of well-being with the innovative "ZEN" Shower Kit

Vicario Srl’s new proposal is distinguished by its trendy design, featuring a tubular shower rod, a sleekly styled hand shower and an eye-catching round, slender shower head, thanks to whose purifying rain spray makes it easy to indulge in a rejuvenating daily relaxation break.
The shower kit is distinguished by its Zen finish, composed of the clever combination of the color green with the bamboo shade, which further enhances the dimension of harmony with nature and thus promotes regeneration and well-being.
The Zen shower kit from Vicario Srl is part of the wide range of Shower Systems entirely designed and manufactured in the Borgomanero (Novara) factory. The company, which therefore handles every stage of the production process in-house, can create ad hoc solutions, depending on the different customization needs of the client. In this way, even the surface of the shower kit can be declined as desired, in numerous trendy shades, from the most traditional and elegant, such as Chrome and Rose Gold to the most modern and eye-catching such as Shocking Pink or the new “Zen” finish.


Transforming the shower environment into a space shaped and enhanced by style and design is really simple

The Italian company is characterized by the design and implementation of ad hoc proposals that perfectly reflect the client’s aesthetic standards and functional requirements. Credit to the historic Italian company’s decision to manage all stages of the production process in-house, from the design part to the final product. This is how all of Vicario Srl’s numerous Made in Italy Shower Systems are born, including, for example, shower rods that facilitate renovation work, design shower rods of classic or modern intonation, “bridge” shower rods, and different aesthetically appealing wellness shower heads.
Vicario Srl offers the possibility of composing your ideal shower kit, choosing from the different models available. In addition, all solutions are customizable in size, functionality, and finish. The surface of one’s shower kit, thanks to Vicario Srl, can take on the desired hue: from classic chrome to Opaque White and Opaque Black to Satin Steel, even making room for special requests such as the innovative and eccentric Shocking Pink.

catalogue vicario

The new catalog 2024 Full immersion among new products for the bathroom environment

Functionality, innovation and aesthetic research are the leitmotif of all the new solutions that Vicario Srl offers within the new 2024 Catalog, with the aim of offering efficient and effective answers to different needs in the bathroom furniture sector.

Through a sober and elegant layout, accompanied by striking images, technical data sheets and comprehensive descriptions, the publication offers a comprehensive overview of what’s new from Vicario Srl’s home. For example, the collection of floor drains and lowered drains with removable siphon is presented, which have the double advantage of reducing space requirements under the shower tray and, at the same time, offer a drainage capacity that exceeds regulatory standards. Innovative solutions, presented within the Catalog, also include stainless steel showerheads: the ideal solution when renovating the shower environment, thanks to the new wall attachment that makes them easy to install without the need for masonry work.
Finally, as proof of Vicario Srl’s focus on all-around comfort, the publication features the new multi-jet and redesigned hand showers to transform the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

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