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Idroscopino and bidet handshower
doccetta per bidet e wc

The “bidet hand shower” is a device or component that is often integrated into toilets and bathrooms for personal hygiene. This hand shower, also called “bidet hand shower” or “bidet hand shower,” is similar to a small shower or water sprayer that can be used to clean the personal area after using the toilet. The bidet hand shower is user-controlled and can deliver an adjustable pressure water jet for gentle and effective cleaning.

This device is an alternative to using toilet paper and can be more hygienic and environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of paper used. The bidet handshower is common in many parts of the world, such as in some areas of Asia and the Middle East, but is gaining popularity in other regions as well.

Bidet handshowers can be installed as part of a complete bidet toilet, but there are also separate Idroscopino models that can be added to existing toilets. The user can adjust the water temperature and pressure to customize the cleaning experience. This device is appreciated for its effectiveness in sanitizing and the comfort it offers.