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Colored telescopic shower rods
aste doccia telescopiche colorate

Telescoping shower rods are available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit different bathroom design styles and personal preferences. Here are some of the common colors and finishes available for telescopic shower columns:

  1. Matte or glossy black : Black shower columns are an elegant and contemporary choice. This finish can add a touch of luxury to the bathroom.
  2. Chrome: Chrome is a classic finish that fits well with a wide range of bathroom design styles. It has a shiny and reflective appearance.
  3. Gold: Shower columns in a gold finish are ideal for upscale bathrooms or those seeking a more opulent style.
  4. Antique bronze: Shower columns in antique bronze or copper-colored finish can add warmth and character to the bathroom. These finishes often have a glossy or matte finish
  5. Matte or glossy white: Shower columns in a white finish are perfect for minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired bathrooms. They offer a clean and bright appearance.
  6. Black steel or gunmetal: These finishes offer a sophisticated, industrial look. The color dark black or gunmetal can be a bold choice for a modern bathroom.
  7. Brushed Nikel: This finish has a sleek, satin finish and is especially resistant to fingerprints.
  8. Antique copper: An antique copper finish can give a rustic, vintage feel to the shower column.
  9. Custom coloring: These telescopic showers are produced in different colors, such as blue, pink or green, for a unique and customized look.

The choice of color or finish depends on the aesthetics of your bathroom and your personal taste. Be sure to coordinate your telescoping shower column with other bathroom elements, such as faucets, sinks, and tiles, to achieve a harmonious and cohesive look.