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Shower arms
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A “shower arm” is an essential part of a shower. This is a component that connects the shower head (the upper part of the shower from which water escapes) to the main body of the faucet or water control valve. The shower arm is usually made of metal, and is designed to be adjustable so that the user can position the shower head at the desired height and angle.

Shower arms can vary in length and shape, depending on shower style and personal preference. Some shower arms can be foldable or extendable to allow more flexibility in water direction. It is important to choose a shower arm suitable for the type of shower and the environment in which it will be installed.

In addition, there are also shower arms with different finishes, such as chrome, satin or gold-plated, and many others, which can contribute to the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Overall, the shower arm plays an important role in the functionality and appearance of the shower, and is one of the key elements to consider when designing or updating a bathroom.